• Rajesh Gondaliya

    Chairman / Managing Director

    Rajesh Gondaliya is the force behind the inception & expansion of Kaka Industries Limited. Through strategic vision and tactical management, Rajesh has created a phenomenal growth path for the distinct manufacturing and distribution operations of exceptional PVC, uPVC, and WPC solutions for domestic and commercial applications. He conceptualised a concrete vision for motivating the team of employees. He contributed to developing new marketing strategies to quickly capitalise on trends and social media, which further proved to be the inception for fulfilling the goal of augmentation.

    Bhavin Gondaliya

    Executive Director / Whole Time Director

    Bhavin Gondaliya is the youngest yet potentially prominent representative of the Kaka Industries Limited. He has commited his time and efforts to the company by concentrating on the factory floor, learning about the production process and the technical features of products, as well as undertaking various other quality tests that gave him a deeper understanding of the foundations of the industry. With a background in commerce, he has made his fair share of contributions to cost minimisation and boost overall revenues. To increase the overall customer satisfaction, he has put additional product testing accreditation measures into place.

    Prabhaben Gondaliya

    Non Executive & Woman Director

    Known for her experience across categories, Prabhaben Gondaliya is highly regarded for her out-of-box solutions for the organisation’s management & administration foundation. Her exemplary communication & people governance skill has been the driving force for formulating a robust organisation.

    Our Team

    Ushakant Patel has immense experience in trade-related affairs. Ushakant Patel is a B.com graduate from MS University, Baroda. He is a man of tactile leadership values who immensely beliefs in integral operations for the efficient functioning of the whole organisation. He has sound judgement in the enterprise’s decision-making practices. His presence in board of company has brought long term vision and experience of more than 40 years.

    Niraj Davariya is a businessman. He is involved in manufacturing of plastic products. He has experience of more than 10 years in the dealing of plastic products. His presence in board of company helps in taking solid judgement in the enterprise’s policy approaches.

    Chintan Bodar, the organization’s Chief Financial Officer, has steered the business with his extraordinary vision and multifaceted knowledge. He is a CA professional with 12 years of experience managing accounts, finances, direct and indirect taxation, statutory and internal audit. He earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce from H. L. Commerce College in Ahmedabad.

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